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VLSI -- Embedded Systems -- Software Systems  

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Advanced Technology Training in VLSI design, Embedded Systems and Software Systems design, for the smart and informed Graduating Engineers and Working Professionals to help them build a career they truly deserve.course_button

Getting a placement is not that difficult if you have the technical skills Industry is looking for. Just show your appetite and aptitude for Technology in our training program and we'll do the rest.

i-cee training courses are certificate courses; to enroll into these courses you have to first register for an Aptitude Test.


"The i-cee Training Programme for our new recruits in VLSI Design has been very beneficial and is highly appreciated by our Engineers --"           Dr. P.P. Das, Center Head  

Interra Systems  



line200Welcome to i-cee design technology --- A premier training Institute for advanced technology in VLSI, Embedded Systems and Software Systems design. At i-cee we bring in the System level design perspective to our Engineering education -- a crucial element conspicuously missing in our Engineering College curriculum.


We bring the most passionate educators and expert industry mentors---to teach our courses and mentor our students with hands-on and industry-centric training to our young engineers.


Whether you are appearing in the job market or preparing for higher studies you will find these courses invaluable.